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How to lead like a boss when you’re not the lead guy (w/ Kevin Lloyd)

(coach) kevin lloyd podcast Aug 25, 2022

In this episode, Kevin and JC discuss Kevin’s journey from “his call” to pastoring to serving as an executive pastor— and how he knew he didn’t want to be the “lead guy” at the church but wanted to serve as the XP.

It’s a good word. Most staff members are not going to serve as the senior pastor. Most will be the number 2, number 3, or something else.

Kevin and JC talk about several important factors:


#1 = the importance of execution— of getting things done.

Specifically, the discuss vision and trust, and identify how to know when you move forward without waiting for instruction as well as how to know when to ask permission.


#2 = the importance of EQ as opposed to IQ.

Most of the time, leaders aren’t fired (or hired) because of their Intelligence Quotient but because of their Emotional Quotient— of their ability to relate to people.


#3 = the importance of the team.

We function better together. Face it, leadership— at ANY level— is lonely.

Sometimes that’s a function of leadership— it CAN be lonely at the top. But we make it lonelier than it has to be.


#4 = the importance of decision-making.

Sometimes you need to be attached to the outcome. Many times you don’t need to be. In fact, most to the time you don’t.


#5 = the importance of honor.

Kevin talks about “taking the bullet” when needed— and of deferring to the mission and the people who are part of it.


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