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Your marriage matters (Jeremy & Corrie Isaacs)

(coach) jeremy isaacs podcast Oct 13, 2022

In this episode, JC interviews his very best friend (and his wife’s bestie, as well), Jeremy and Corrie Isaacs.

Jeremy and Corrie share a unique burden to minister marriages. They come from two different backgrounds.

  •  Jeremy’s parents had a solid marriage, but he never saw them “live out” the conflict— nor was he taught how to manage it.
  • Corrie was raised by a single mom— with no marriage example to follow (her mother was married four times). However, she saw incredible marriages before her at church… and realized Jesus could restore everything.


The two of them believe that God not only CAN redeem your marriage, but can also enable your marriage to tell a bigger story than you imagine possible.

This October, Jeremy and Corrie release their book,Your Marriage Matters, in which they outline their framework for living a purpose-- together-- that's bigger than either of you.


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