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S2E1: Chris Bell | What Kind of Culture Are You Setting?

*culture podcast Jun 29, 2023

This week Shawn steps back to the mic to interview one of his first coaching clients ever, Chris Bell.

Chris leads 3 Circle Church, a five-campus church in South Alabama.


Shawn and Chris talk about growing in healthy ways. Growth doesn’t always equal health. Bad things— like weeds— can grow quickly.

Rather than focusing on the growth, we want to look at the soil— the culture.

As the church grows, such that you can no longer be in every room, the culture remains. Therefore, it’s essential you work on the culture.


In reality, every church and organization already has a culture. This leads us to questions such as—

  •  Is the culture we have a culture we actually want?
  •  Have we created this culture, or did it just “happen” by accident?
  •  Are there things in our culture we need to change?

Furthermore, Chris talks about what to do when you drift from the culture you want— and how even those moments can become teaching opportunities for your team.



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