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Getting clear about the vision

*culture *team Oct 18, 2022

Most leaders aren’t as clear as we think we are. As we often say, the #1 mistake leaders make is lack of clarity. 

In fact, if you want to be DIScouraged, walk into your next team meeting and pass a piece of paper to each team member. 

Then, ask, “What is the vision of this organization?”

Don’t provide any other counsel than that. Allow them to fill in the gaps.

You’ll find— as you read their answers— that you most likely haven’t been as clear you think you’ve been!

The vision is important— so it’s essential you’re clear about it.

Here are five ways to create a clear vision.


#1 = Keep the vision CONCISE. 

Think about it like this: if it can’t be remembered, it can’t be reproduced. 

So, you should keep it to 10 seconds or less. 

No one can remember MORE than a sentence or two. And, you need everyone in your organization to be able to—

  • Remember the vision
  • Say the vision
  • Champion the vision


  • Live the vision 

This means it MUST be concise. 

(See point C.1. of lesson 13 for more on this!)


#2 = Keep the vision CONSISTENT. 

We must repeatedly remind everyone WHY we’re doing what we’re doing…

  • At every meeting
  • At every gathering
  • During every week
  • In formal (read: official) settings as well as informal gatherings 

An annual vision meeting won’t do it.

Vision leaks, so you must continue reminding people what you’re doing and why. 

Pro tip:  resist “vision schizophrenia.” Many leaders alter the vision every time they return from a conference or read a book. Continue pushing forward on your vision.)


#3 = Keep the vision COMPELLING.

Don’t simply rattle off the words. Speak with passion, conviction, and urgency. 

(In part 4 of module 11 we discussed the importance of creating a culture of passion and urgency.)

Remind people what’s at stake if you don’t achieve your vision… 


#4 = Keep the vision CREATIVE.

Find new and innovative ways to share with others WHY you do what you’re doing.

Share this with people who work with you, as well as the people you reach. 

This means you need to, at times, share the stories of the organization, the important moments in your history. 


#5 = Keep the vision CELEBRATED.

Continue looking for new stories of life-change, satisfied customers, and even happy employees….

… then relay those stories to others.

Show them HOW what they do every day creates transformation. Highlight WHY the work they do matters.

By the way, remember to enjoy the journey by celebrating milestones along the way. As a leader, it’s tempting to WAIT to celebrate until you reach a massive finish line. 

Resist that tendency.

We often assume we’ll be happier when we reach a certain milestone. But, part of living a great vision includes enjoying the moments throughout the journey… 

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