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How to Be a Do-What-You-Say-You-Will-Do Person

blog priorities video Apr 05, 2022

Ever heard a good leader say, “Don’t do what I do, do what I say?”

Umm… no!

We want to be people who have complete alignment between what we say and what we do…

… we want to be the kind of person whom people can (easily) place their confidence and wholeheartedly follow.

In this module we discuss FOUR steps you can take TODAY to become a DO-WHAT-YOU-SAY-YOU-WILL-DO-PERSON.


#1 = Schedule EVERYTHING

Or, to say it another way, don't complain about dreams and vision you don't achieve-- large or small, professional or personal-- that don't show up on your calendar.

Face it.

  • You won’t remember it. 
  • You’ve got too much going on. 

And, let’s be real—

  • You can use your brain-power for far more important things (like connecting with people and speaking life into them) than remembering what’s next on the calendar.

Figure out a calendaring solution that works for you— pen + paper, digital, whatever— and then live it out.

Remember, you either plan the day or the day plans you.

You’re doing far too great a work to let the minutes just roll by….


#2 = Don’t try to remember ANYTHING 

That’s right. Nothing. 

Use Siri, Reminders, Notes, etc… 

If it’s important, write it down so you don’t forget it.

And if it’s not important, write it down so it doesn’t occupy the mental and emotional bandwidth you need to lead well.


#3 = Schedule one hour each day to respond

This one is a game-changer.

Phone, emails, etc… 

Few things will be more confidence in you as a leader than simply getting back to people within 24-hours.

The best way to do it and make sure these things don’t interrupt your workflow?

Just set specific time to talk / email / text each day— and get it done.


#4 = Create margin

(And, yes, you need to schedule that margin, just like we said you should do for everything else in Step #1.)

Here’s a pro-tip: Give yourself 30-minutes before each meeting and 30-minutes after each meeting to prepare and execute.

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