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Life is a Highway (Sermon)

(coach) kevin lloyd sermon of the week Jan 10, 2022

During the summer of 2021, LifePoint Church used “songs” as the basis of their message series. In fact, Psalms is such a thing… 

… a songbook in the middle of the Bible, a collection of melodies which hits every note in life— 

  •  Tragedy
  •  Triumph
  •  The peak (when we’re up)
  •  The pit (when we’re down)

The songs— when sung— reminded people of where they were when the songs were first sung, and they encouraged them of God’s faithfulness— even in the bleakest (and bet) moments.


Kevin Lloyd is the Executive Pastor of Ministries at LifePoint Church (Wilmington, North Carolina). To see more from of Kevin’s posts go here, or visit his page on this site here.



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