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You're in interim pastor (regardless of your tenure)

*systems priorities Oct 05, 2021

Let's get some perspective here...

Every position you have is temporary. If you are a pastor, you are— at best— an interim pastor. Regardless of how long you stay in your position. 

It's easy to get tricked (by ourselves) in to finding our value in the externals, the things we achieve or the titles we have. But, the "chase" for value from something outside of ourselves is a never ending journey. We find that, as soon as we achieve one accolade, another one looms on the horizon.


What is success? 

It's important to define what "success" is for you...

... and to constantly push towards that.

So, answer the questions-- 

  • What is success?
  • And will you know it when you see it?
  • And will the definition you've supplied truly satisfy?

If you don’t nail down an answer, you’’ll continue looking for some version of it, thinking the next “big thing” will make you feel successful.


Problems and pain

Growth and blessing bring complication and pain, as well as critics and haters. If you want to grow, you'll need to bolster your ability to deal with both. And, in the end, you'll find that you can-- 

  • Stagnate (regardless of how busy you are and how much movement you see) a prisoner of the externals, OR
  • Live from the inside-out, a life that overflows, and is truly free

By the way, every church is temporary, too— none of the 7 in Revelation exist, but THE Church goes on...

Here's a tip: If you build a team you will finish with your family, so work with a great group of people which will allow you to shoulder the burden of ministry in a healthy way.

Success is enjoying the journey— there will always be something “bigger” or “better” you can reach for. Sure, set goals-- and reach them. But don't leave behind the people that matter the most while pursuing something that is, at best, temporary (even if it does have eternal ramifications).



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