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Raise Your Expectations

passion Jul 19, 2022

In lesson 3 of the Church Catapult, we talk about (and actually plan!) a big day. We outline how to do a day in which attendance swells, excitement builds, and your church pushes through a growth barrier-- effectively creating a "new normal."

Before we do, we expand our mindset— we broaden your capacity for thinking bigger than you have before. In reality, most of of fall into incremental ways of thinking. We often “shrink down” the vision to match current reality, and then make a few tweaks to grow marginally.


Think about it… 

Identify areas in which you suffer from “incremental thinking.”

Now, think larger. Believe you follow the One who said you will do greater things that He did (John 14:12), and 

begin to ask God to grow your church EXPONENTIALLY rather than INCREMENTALLY.


Here are six mind-shifts you need to raise your expectations.


#1 = Embrace grace

First, let go of the past. It’s done. Grace has covered it.

Second, continue living under grace in the present. 

Third, adopt an attitude of grace for your future. 

You’re going to make mistakes in this process. That’s OK. Just correct them quickly, and “fail forward.” 

Fast growing organizations don’t make less mistakes. In fact, they often make MORE of them because of their bias towards action rather than analysis. 

However, they recover quickly and continue moving forward, learning as they go. Adopt this same mentality.


#2 = Refuse to be labelled

You are NOT what others say you are. You are who God says you are. 

And, generally, when someone takes up the position as the “devil’s advocate,” they’ve aligned with the wrong side.


#3 = Be a peace-maker

Peace-makers don’t avoid conflict. Rather, they actively resolve it.

Paul tells us to live at peace with everyone— as much as it depends on us (Romans 12:18). We can forgive, maintain a posture of open heartedness, and offer ongoing grace to others. 

Even when others disagree. 

Now, reconciliation does not always mean “restoration.” Whereas we may not walk in restoration with past relationships, we can walk with a heart of reconciliation. 



#4 = Leverage your PAIN to become a point of MINISTRY

Don’t focus on the past failures. Continue focusing on the lessons learned. 

Proverbs tells us the righteous fail… and they get right back up (Proverbs 24:16).

Continue moving forward and even help OTHERS learn from your past pains and mistakes.  


#5 = Begin NOW to prepare to be a church TWICE your size

We can’t presume on growth, but we can prepare on it. You’ll see how much is required to prepare when we move to lesson 4. 

Questions to consider include— 

  • How would your schedule change? 
  • How would your structure change? 
  • How would your team change?
  • How would your meetings change?
  • How would you need to change? 


#6 = Stop placing expectations on you that God hasn’t

We often automatically place burdens on ourselves God never has. When we see someone else implementing a new program (and seeing results), we often presume we must do that, as well. Or, when we read a book or attend a conference, we often feel a moral imperative to take action on what we’ve been exposed to.

Filter everything you receive through the grid of God’s unique calling for you. 


This video is module 2 of The Church Catapult.

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