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Every Story in the Bible Points to the Greater Story (Sermon)

(coach) jc worley sermon of the week Jan 17, 2022

Everything in the Bible points to Jesus. And, more specifically, now He intersects our lives.

Every prophecy, every idea… every story.

The truth is that our redemption was planned from the beginning— from, as Paul says— before time even began (see Ephesians 1:4).

So, as we look back through the generations…

… and through the stories of hope and stories of loss and stories of tragedy alike, we see the Author and Finisher of the Great Story (Hebrews 12:2) weaves something together radical— a single story made up of many stories. 


In this message, JC Worley, pastor at GoChurch (Atlanta and Maryland) concludes his series on the Book of Ruth. 

You’ll see that God’s redemption scales beyond the characters in her story, impacting us here today.

(This message was preached on September 28, 2021.)

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