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How to Build a System From Scratch

*systems Oct 25, 2022

Do you ever feel overwhelmed leading your organization?

Struggle to keep up with all the tasks on your to-do list?

Worry about what will happen if you can’t find a way to get it all done in time?


I’ve been there. So have many leaders I know.

The solution to the chaos is systems.

Systems are simply this: bridges to move people and ideas from where they are to where they're intended to be with predictable results.

These routines and operating procedures that keep your organization running smoothly, even on days when you’re distracted, socially distanced or taking some much deserved time off.

There are a few simple keys to constructing a new process to solve an existing problem.

Here are three...


Key #1 - Identify a problem to solve

What gets repeatedly done in your organization, but every time it's done it requires the same person or a conversation to re-discuss how it should be done?

That needs a system.

(To help you identify which systems to build first, I put together a free ebook outlining the 3 Systems Folders Every Organization Needs.)


Key #2 - Work through the 5 process-building questions

To create a clear process, these five questions must be answered:

  1. Where are things sitting now?
  2. Where are the people now?
  3. Where do they need to go?
  4. How do we want to take them there?
  5. How will we keep it/them there?

If you can answer these basic questions then you have enough to information to build a system!

Write down the answers, put them in one document and create sequence and flow to the process from your answers.


Key #3 - Make the system accessible to everyone

To be a system, not only must be written down, there needs to be easy access to it.

Share access to a document that can be kept updated in real time and made available to everyone who needs it 24/7.

Put your processes in the cloud (securely, of course), and give everyone that needs it, access to it!

Once your systems are built, continually assess them to maintain effectiveness.

If you need help building systems or if your systems need an upgrade, let's have a conversation. We coach around systems as one of the 3 Gears of Growth for organizations just like yours.


Watch the video + download Three Systems Folders Every Organization Needs.

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