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Restructure Your Time and Achieve More with Less Stress

priorities progress video Jul 05, 2022

Structure has a lot do with what happens in your organization. And, we want to structure for growth AND peace… not just one or the other.

Here’s reality…

The most difficult person you will ever lead… is you.

Your life is perfectly structured for the results you’re getting.

Furthermore, you’re probably the most disciplined person on your team. But, as you do it, it flows… and others will become.

The calendar is your most important system, personally…


First, develop a FAB FIVE.

What are the five things you believe as the greatest return on your investment of time and energy for your team?

(Hint: checking your email isn’t one of them.)

There are five days of the week, so this empowers you to choose one for each day, or create a few “buckets” of time throughout the week.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • 1/5 = ALONE. You need time to work on you AND work ON the organization— apart from working IN it.
  • 1/5 = with your team. Don’t avoid your team. Invest in them by prioritizing time with them. Even be flexible.
  • 1/5 = with your clients, current customers, or congregants (the people who call your organization “home”).
  • 2/5 = prospecting & growing. If you don’t keep this pipeline moving you’ll eventually “dry up.”

Notice, you’ve to keep it growing…

You CANNOT spend 4/5 of your time (as many do) on the current. You’ve got to spread your time across dealing with you (1/5 = personal time), with your team (1/5 = the people you work with), with your clientele (1/5 = focused attention on them) AND 2/5 “knocking on new doors” of opportunity.


Second, place these on your calendar.

Suggestion: place all of these on your calendar—

John Maxwell says, “Make the decision once, then manage it daily.”


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