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It's time to take back your courage.

February 21-22, 2022 (Atlanta, GA), Apply here!
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The people to help you take back your courage = connect with (old and new) friends.

It's been a while since we've all been together. Let's change that.

Join the leaders, the coaches, and all the churches being coached by CourageToLead.

And, meet some new friends, as well, who just want to hang out while learning in a fun, fast-paced (yet relaxed) environment.

This event is designed for teams, because it's easier to take back your courage when you're in the trenches with other courageous people every day.

Expose your brightest leaders to new relationships and bigger ways of thinking. 

Your registration includes entry for you AND TWO of your team members.

(Additional registrants can be purchased, as well.)

Grow your team, because it's the team-- more than any other thing-- that helps you achieve the dream.

Create a culture of contagious courage = get (or keep!) momentum as you clarify your strategy for the next year!

Lost your swagger during the pandemic? 

You're not alone. A lot of us did.

But... it's time to get it back!

And, it's time to take even more ground in Jesus' name!

Event tickets are free for Courage to Lead coaching clients who are active as of February 21-22, 2022!

We've opened the event to others whom we've meet via webinars, our podcast, and even past events!

Current Courageous Community Members


  • Your ticket-- and access for 2 team members-- is another bonus included with coaching
  • Reserve space now; this event is limited to 250 attendees
  • Meet your coach in person + connect with the Courageous Community
  • Additional tickets = $79
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Everyone else

$299 / event ticket

Early bird price, good thru January 31st

  • Your ticket includes entry for you + two additional team members
  • Early bird price = $299 from January 1 thru January 31, then up to $399
  • Option to upgrade to VIP lunch and / or additional tickets
  • Additional tickets = #79
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$79 / VIP lunch

  • Upgrade one or all of your tickets
  • Upgrade price = per person
  • Available to current clients as well as non-clients
  • VIP upgrade includes lunch on Monday
  • Preferred seating during event, as well as other perks
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The (first ever) Courageous Pastors Gathering


February 21-22, 2022 (Monday 11:30 am -- Tuesday, 4:30 pm)


South Metro Atlanta, 20 minutes from the ATL airport


Courageous Pastors from all over the country!

The Schedule

Monday, February 21

  • 11:30am = VIP lunch + registration 
  • 1:00pm = Session 1
  • 5:00pm = After Party 

Tuesday, February 22

  • 8:30am = Session 2
  • 11:30am = Lunch break, food trucks
  • 1:30pm = Session 3
  • 4:30pm = Dismiss
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February 21-22, 2022

The Courageous Pastors Gather to take back their courage in...









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Top 10 Questions about The Gathering

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The Gathering is limited to 250 attendees.