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Coaching is not just content delivery. 

Your church doesn't just need a plan. You need a partner. You need... a coach.

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A Personal Leadership Coach.

You need a real person with whom you can process complicated, real-time decisions. 

Someone who's been there. Someone that's willing to listen to the complicating variables and help you make good decisions.

At CourageousPastors, you get a real-live Personal Leadership Coach on Retainer  and available to you 24/7. You call, text, or email, and we'll talk that day. That's our first guarantee.  

A Process And A Pathway.

You don't just need another buddy. You need a process that helps you identify your strongest and weakest areas of leadership and ministry, and a pathway to make progress.

You can trace every tension and opportunity in your church back to the THREE GEARS OF GROWTH©: 

  • Culture
  • Team
  • Systems

We'll help you & your Team locate the momentum thief, and develop a customized attack strategy wherein we help you attack the weakest gear and make progress.  

The Gears of Growth©

Your church is probably not as healthy as healthy as you think it is. There are some blindspots. We'll help you identify these then we'll help you: 

  • Create & Maintain a Drama-Free CULTURE

  • Get The Right Team Around You and the Wrong Team Away From You
  • Simplify Your Processes and Build Systems That Can Scale 


The Personal Gears of Growth© 

We won't just help your church. We will help you.  will also help you build a Leadership Development Plan for You and Your Team.  We will be able to mark your progress over time. We'll help you:

  • Reclaim your PURPOSE

  • Lead with new PASSION

  • Set & maintain PRIORITIES

  • Achieve goals that mark PROGRESS

  • More effectively lead PEOPLE

Any cog— or gear— in your car’s engine can eventually bring the entire vehicle to a standstill. 

When all the gears work in alignment and move in sync, this collection of parts becomes's a well oiled machine. 

You can go farther & faster with less effort…

We will help you locate the gear that could hinder your momentum, and then work with you under the hood to get everything moving together smoothly.

Kirk Jones, Baton Rouge

"... in ways that are relatable and usable. This has been encouraging and has given me permission."

Chris Johnson, Harrisonburg

"The coaching helped me focus and change one habit or introduce a new concept over weeks at a time, consistently..."

Bill Jiminez, Omaha

"The coaching helped our team make more progress in the last 6 months than we have in the last 6 years."

You don’t need another podcast— you need a person who’s got your back, someone who’s also looking ahead on your behalf.

You don’t need another conference— you need someone in your corner, a coach.

You don’t need another book— you need a brother, and a brotherhood.

Welcome to Courageous Pastors…

We’re convinced you have what it takes. We want to help you not only lead, but lead at the next level.

I'm ready! Show me how coaching works!