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Personal Gears of Growth Assessments

The most difficult person to lead…

… is you.

In the same way organizations have gears, people have gears, too. They can help our progress, or they can hinder it. Learn about the personal gears here + take (and re-take) the five assessments. 


Personal Gear # 1 = Purpose

Purpose = How well am I pursuing God’s design for my life? And am I able to learn from others and what they do well while not falling into the temptation to mimic what they do or become bitter about their successes? Can I align my team around this purpose?


Personal Gear # 2 = Priorities 

Priorities = How well do I manage the “most important” and the “less important,” as well as the “urgent and the not urgent” so I can focus on the things that matter the most?


Personal Gear # 3 = Passion

Passion = How “alive” do I feel emotionally and spiritually? And does that excitement overflow to those around me, or am I just “making it” through the day?


Personal Gear # 4 = Progress

Progress = How capable am I of seeing dream in the future, as well as managing the day-to-day action steps required to get there, while learning the lessons from my past (both negative and positive) so I can continue moving forward?


Personal Gear # 5 = People 

People = How healthy are my connections and interactions with others? Do I lead from “positional authority” or do I lead from “personal relationship? And do I use people to enhance my projects or do I use my projects to enhance the lives of people?