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The Courageous Coaching Pathway provides the plan to grow personally & professionally.

A coach provides a unique perspective, helping you push forward + further + faster

Book your (free) strategy session, work with a courageous coach, implement the Gears of Growth Framework, and generate-- or accelerate-- momentum and progress.

Work with a group, or benefit from the focused time + attention of a 1:1 coach.

Choose the path that works best for you.


Your Options: 

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Option #1: Learn along with other pastors.

The Coaching Mastermind Group provides you with a "band of brothers" at a more affordable price point than 1:1 Coaching.

You'll work with a group of up to 7 other Leaders and a Courageous Coach, enabling others to learn from you, learn with you, and focus on your unique challenges at the same time.

You'll receive: 

  • Monthly Coaching Calls with your group 
  • Access to our Catapult Church Growth© content
  • Monthly Courageous Community Live and On- Demand coaching with Founder & CEO Shawn Lovejoy
  • 25+ downloadable forms and resources you can use in your church / ministry 

Option 2: Elite 1:1 Coaching For You & Your Team.

This highly customized experience could revolutionize your leadership and your church.

Our 1:1 coaching relationship provides mentoring, coaching, content, and even on-site visits to you and your team. 

Work 1:1 with someone with hands-on experience to help you get farther, faster.

You'll receive: 

  • Access to everything above
  • The Ministry Gears of Growth© and Personal Gears of Growth© Assessments and customized attack strategy
  • A personal Leadership Coach on retainer-- with daily access, as often as you need
  • Site visits to meet with you and your team
  • Our highest level of coaching and results for you & your team

Mastermind Group


Top features

  • More focused training in a smaller group
  • Monthly Courageous Community Coaching 
  • Work through the Gears of Growth Framework with your coach
  • 25+ downloadable forms and resources you can use
  • Access video courses on each point along our coaching path
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Elite 1:1 Coaching

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Most Popular

  • Everything you get in Mastermind, PLUS: 
  • A personal leadership coach on retainer-- with daily access
  • Customized assessments & attack strategy.
  • Site visits to meet with you and your team
  • Completely customizable plan
  • Our highest level of coaching & results
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