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Don't underestimate where you are now (w/ Kyle Jackson)

podcast Sep 29, 2022

Kyle Jackson brings a unique perspective to the Courageous Pastors Podcast. Usually, we with speak senior leaders, but Kyle brings his experience as a campus pastor and discusses things like: 

  •  How to support the vision of the leader you’re following, as well as
  •  How to lead well when you’re not in charge

He serves on staff with his wife, too, for 13 of the 15 years he’s been in ministry. His wife is a worship leader.


Kyle is the son of an evangelist. He walked away from church from 18-25, but reconnected when he attended a mobile church— in a high school. After about 13 weeks of standing “in row 10, with his arms crossed,” he began connecting… and continued taking next steps. 

He eventually became a teaching pastor. Then a ministry coach. And then continued growing.


Through some relationships, he transitioned to becoming a campus pastor with Church of the Highlands, then moved again to launch the first “out of the state” campus in Columbus, Georgia. They launched in August 2019— and closed 6 months later (for Covid). Then, re-launched when everything opened up post-pandemic. 

This is his story, a tale in which we're reminded to never under-estimate where you are now, because God always weaves something greater together than you imagined possible.



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