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S2E4: Rodney Gage | Achieving the Double Win (Success at Work AND at Home)

podcast Sep 26, 2023

In this episode, Shawn welcomes his friend Rodney Gage, Pastor, author, and co-founder of Rethink Life Church, to discuss the heart behind his bestselling book, "The Double Win: How to Win at Work and at Home." Rodney emphasizes the common struggle of work-life balance and challenges the cultural myth that success requires sacrificing one aspect of life for another. They delve into the importance of vision, values, and humility in building trust and fostering togetherness within families. Discover practical insights for achieving the double win in both your career and personal life.

Check out "The Double Win" by Rodney Gage on Amazon

Rodney and Michelle Gage's "The Winning Family Podcast"

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