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Hiring & Firing 101

*systems *team people video Nov 01, 2022

In this special Zoom, William Vanderbloemen shared several points about Hiring & Firing. And, although this video was originally recorded to teach ministry leaders, it applies to everyone.


When you watch the replay, listen for these three points:

First, most churches hire too quickly and fire too slowly. We should “flip this.” We need to have long introductions and short good-byes, as he says.

This applies to everyone in any organization.

Second, hire for culture. Competency can be taught, as can several other attributes of good employees. The culture fit, though, is essential.

Third, put everything on paper— your expectations, the job description, what you are trying to achieve, etc.

It’s remarkable how many organizations— even large ones— fail to communicate clear expectations.


After that, we highlight several things we— as leaders-- OWE OUR TEAMS (we often consider what we want from them, but we need to realize there are a few things we NEED TO GIVE them).

First, grace. We’re not perfect— and we shouldn’t expect them to be.

Second, honesty. If they’re not meeting expectations, we should let them know. In fact, if we move to fire them and that’s the first time they’ve heard something was / is wrong, we’ve done them a great disservice.

Third, proper placement. We should help them find their proper role— even it that’s not with us…


After this, we provide 10 steps— a quick list— of things you MUST KNOW about hiring (and firing).

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