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What About That Plank In Your Own Eye? (Sermon)

(coach) kevin lloyd sermon of the week Jan 31, 2022

In this message Kevin Lloyd, the Executive Pastor of Ministries at LifePoint Church (Wilmington, North Carolina), picks up mid-stream in the series at his church, “That’s What He Said,” their reflection on the Sermon on the Mount.

Kevin refers to this sermon as “our family values.”

Here, he tackles one of the most famous— or infamous— passages of all: “Don’t judge” (see Matthew 7:1-3).


So what does Jesus mean, here— especially when we must make assessments about right and wrong, truth and non-truth?

Well, the reality is that many times we…

  •  Judge others from a distance rather than up-close
  •  Judge in a “judgey” way rather than a redemptive way
  •  Judge with limited information 

In John 7:24, Jesus told us to “Stop judging by outer appearances.”

Back in 1 Samuel you 16:7, we learn not to look— and assess— by the outer appearances, but by the heart.

Even Paul said not to judge “according to the flesh” (2 Corinthians 5:16).

Kevin reminds us to look at ourselves-- to give grace in all directions….


(This message was preached AT LifePoint on March 6, 2021.)


To see more from of Kevin’s posts go here, or visit his page on this site here.



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