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Storms of Life (Sermon)

(coach) matt piland sermon of the week Feb 24, 2023

Life is hard. 

A considerable part of life is complicated. There are circumstances that we can control and others that we can’t. We often make decisions that lead to inevitable consequences, but sometimes the world decides for us. 

These are considered the storms of life.  

These storms change our lives forever. The thing about life storms is that they’re different than tornadoes and hurricanes; there is no way to determine when they’ll hit us. 

How do we handle these storms? 

  1. “Remember, no matter what storms you face, Jesus promised we are going to the other side.” 
  2. “Remember, our hope is not in the boat.
  3. “Our hope is in the one who is in the boat.” 

In the sermon, Pastor Matt teaches us that, “A person who cannot swim is of no use to someone who is drowning. Why? Because the one saving cannot have the same problem as the one needing to be saved.” 

This message was preached on October 9, 2022, at Bethlehem Church in Georgia, by Executive Pastor Matt Piland. 

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