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Upgrade (Sermon)

(coach) mike ash sermon of the week Feb 07, 2022

We upgrade everything in our lives— our homes, our cars, our gadgets.

But, what about ourselves?

Usually, when we “upgrade” a thing, we replace the old with a newer, cleaner version of what we had before.

But it’s different with us.

God wants to upgrade every aspect of our life. And, He wants to do so in such a radically new way that, one we see the “upgrade” it’s so radically indistinguishable from the former that there’s no indication the two were ever the same thing.

Beginning in Galatians 5:17, Mike talks practically about what it means to lean into the upgraded life of the Spirit instead of the former life of the flesh…


This talk was originally given at Grace Family Church on July 18, 2021.

Learn more about Mike’s church here: 

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