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4 Foundational Requirements for Leadership

*team blog people Jan 10, 2023

Every leader wants to build great teams, develop more leaders, and make an impact.

As you can tell if you search “leadership” on Amazon or any podcast platform… there are endless amounts of best practices or new hacks to try and lead more effectively.

While I believe there is a ton of great content and wisdom out there, I also believe the foundational requirements of what it means to lead people can be found in the best selling book of all time: The Bible!

One of the most historically and biblically impactful leaders was King David. About midway through the Bible, in Psalm 78:72, the writer describes King David’s reputation as a leader:

“And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.”

In one sentence, the writer uses David’s example to highlight the four foundational requirements of leadership.  

Requirement #1 = Care

“And David shepherded them…”

Shepherds were common in society during Biblical times, meaning the Bible references them many times to highlight leadership. Great shepherds watch over and protect the sheep. Great shepherds care about what happens to the sheep.

Great leaders care about the people they lead. Great leaders are close to people, not hidden in a back office separated from the those they lead.

Similarly to shepherds, great leaders recognize that they must love those they lead.

Great leaders lead with love and care.


Requirement #2 = Integrity 

“...with integrity of heart.”

Great leaders lead with integrity. Great leaders are the same backstage as they are on the big stage.

Great leaders ask people to follow them because of who they are, not just because of what they say.

Great leaders focus on what’s on the inside, not just what’s on the outside.

Great leaders can be trusted.

Great leaders lead with integrity.


Requirement #3 = Skill

“...with skillful hands he led them.”

Great leaders lead with skill...

  • They practice.
  • They prepare.
  • They outwork everyone else.

Great leaders master their craft. Great leaders are disciplined.

They seek counsel and make wise decisions over time, and in doing so, they earn the right to lead.

Great leaders are always learning and always growing. Great leaders read. Great leaders study. Great leaders have mentors and coaches.

Great leaders recognize that the toughest person to lead is themselves.

Great leaders lead with skill!


Requirement #4 = Courage

“...he led them.”

Great leaders lead with courage.

They are out in front of the battle taking the hits with everyone else.

Great leaders are willing to do the tough thing... the scary thing.

Great leaders are willing to have courage conversations and make courageous calls. Great leaders are willing to speak the truth in love.

Most organizations don’t grow because they’ve chosen not to. They have chosen to refuse to have the conversations and make the calls they know they need to make, to grow!

Great leaders aren’t cowards. They are courageous.


The path forward

Do you want to be a great leader?

Care, Integrity, Skill, and Courage is the way.

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