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You can’t add days to your life, so add life to your days instead (w/ Brandon Goff)

podcast Jan 06, 2022

Brandon Goff planted Radiate Church when he was 28…

… and now they’re heading towards their tenth year.



His church actually grew through the pandemic. 

Here’s what we want you to see, though: For the first 3 years, they didn’t break 80 people. And, they almost closed the doors. 

They re-launched, created some momentum, and have continued figuring things out as they move forward.


Here’s are two things which helped Brandon lead at the next level: 

First, you’ve got to be OK being you. 

Yes, learn from others— from books and podcasts and conferences and relationships. But, realize that you were created— and called— to be you.


Second, find solid systems and structures that help generate the results you want. 

Systems don’t start a move of God, but they do help sustain the growth He sends.

Nor do systems guarantee “life.” But, systems CAN help create environments where life can thrive.


Brandon’s word for you— especially if you’re struggling? 

“Hold on,” he says.

Then— “Nothing is ever as bad as it seems, nor it is as good as it seems. And, life— even ministry— is a series of ups and downs.”


He reminds us of what James 4:14 cautions, “Life is just a vapor.”

It’s a mist.

It’s here and gone. 

You don’t know what tomorrow will bring— or how many tomorrows you even have. So, enjoy the moment— in the holiest sense of freedom.

Make this burst the best you can… in this moment. 


Brandon concludes, “You can’t add days to your life, but you can add life to your days.”

You see, we can’t necessarily tell what God’s will for us is a year from now. 

But, we can tell what it is for today… and this week.

We often get side-swiped, stale-mated, and stalled-out because we don’t know where we’ll be 5 or 10 years from now. 

But we do know where we are today.

  •  Today is the perfect today to empty hell and fill heaven.
  •  Today is the perfect day to love your staff— and lead them closer to their potential.
  •  Today is the perfect day to shepherd someone through a hard time.
  •  Today is the perfect day to honor your wife, to embrace your kids, and to go “all in.”

That is, today is the perfect day to make this burst of mist— the vapor— the best it can be.


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