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A healthy you creates a healthier org (w/ Jonathan Moore)

podcast priorities Jun 09, 2022

Jonathan Moore is the Founding and senior pastor of NorthRock Church in San Antonio. He met Shawn at the Velocity Conference, over a decade ago, when Shawn was in Atlanta.

NorthRock launched a campus during the middle of the pandemic AND relaunched second campus in a different spot (this campus was in a school, which could no longer be used).


Right now, Jonathan is telling leaders to take care of themselves.

“Self-care has always been important,” he suggests, “but the previous two years have highlighted why we need to pay attention to it.”

As he works to “rebuild the church” he’s also working on rebuilding himself.


This “rebuilding you” occurs when you start scheduling you first— your time alone with the Lord, your time to exercise, your time to connect with your spouse. A healthy you is a better you and can more readily lead the church forward in healthy ways.

“This also includes,” Jonathan adds, “living with healthy rhythms…”

Those rhythms include things like—

  • Daily diversions (moving away from the grind of the urgent and into the un-rush of the important)
  • Weekly withdrawals (Sabbath, a true day off)
  • Quarterly quarantines (these may be different, depending on where you are— but certain season deplete us and necessitate rest)
  • Annual abandonments (taking a vacation where you completely check out)

Jonathan encourages leaders to be intentional about their time off. “Work on you while you’re off,” he says. “Use that time to do something that builds you.”



Personal Gears of Growth  = assess the five areas where we all need to grow, find the weak point, and gain momentum by starting there:

Connect with Jonathan online:  @JonathanDMoore 

NorthRock Church, San  Antonio =


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