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3 Results of a Good System

*systems blog Oct 04, 2022

Leaders tell me often there's one thing they've put off for too long and wish they had time and margin to work on: Improving their systems.

Systems are simply bridges that move things and people from where they are, to where they need to be.

Think about it like this...

  • A budget is a bridge that tells our money where to go and how it goes there
  • A meeting is a bridge that tells everyone where we are, where we're going, and how we plan to get there

Today I'm highlighting a few results good systems provide and how to gauge if yours need improving.

Healthy systems provide...


#1 = Clarity (we know what to do)

To be a system, the process can’t just be in our heads. It must be down on paper.

Tthat means the system must be in writing in a document...somewhere!

Which, leads to #2...


#2 = Accessibility (we can all see the steps of how to do what we do)

To be a system, the bridge must be written down, and there has to be easy access to it.

Never has it ever been easier to have access to a shared document that can be kept updated in real time and made available to everyone who needs it 24/7.

Put your processes in the cloud (securely, of course), and give everyone that needs it, access to it!


#3 = Accountability (we hold each other responsible for doing the things we do)

This is often the last and most overlooked component of a system.

When we build a process, we are not done until we have asked ourselves: “How will we hold each other accountable to working this system?”

Reporting systems, formal reviews, and effective consistent meetings that bring the process to the forefront and ensure that it’s being utilized by all is the final and most important component of a system.


Review and apply

Today, funnel your core systems through the questions:

  • Are our systems clear, that is, do we have clarity?
  • Are they accessible to the right people?
  • How are others held accountable to them?

I've also created this free download to help you know which systems you need to develop and improve: 3 Systems Folders Every Organization Needs.

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